Shadows in the Smoke

Wake from a ghost and savor the sun

Late today I was in a cave swallowed

Hanging on for heaven’s sake I forgot to let go


On my way,

I flow over yesterdays

Conscious streams

Hovering around halos


Mirrors show a thousand faces of the ghost

Hanging from the family tree


In the sway of those

revolving yesterdays

Conscience strains

Plundering, the prowl of halos


Awake the ghosts

Shadows in the smoke

The grinding gears that turn in your repose

Haunting slumbers of seemingly silent nights


Reflections of you and me

force-feeding the same disease

Enrapturing, the fantasy is believed


Shadows in the smoke

have wrangled in a host

The grinding gears have since laid in repose

to be the ghosts of seemingly silent nights