And We March pt. 2

Assembly mind handed down the human line

These dogs walked themselves from the moment of design


I tried to change the tide

Hurling through the motives

as the steady pace will end in bending time.

Washed up in the lie

of faithful modus operandi

(I) did the best I could to you for I…


A selfless face is framed with seamless

incoherence like physics of dreams

The machine made of man

does the best he can by the boundaries of his time


I tried to change my mind

Hurling through the motives

as I watch the way they bend my human line.

Unbreakable am I,

as well as modus operandi

drives us and in turn clutches us all,

Bound by rhythm

And we march on…


I tried to… NEVER MIND!

In step we march so full of pride

Hidden steps we’ve tread… NEVER MIND!

Howling congregate, we purged us blind!