Her Form

As the shadows grow giving way to

the softer side of a day not so new

Ultra-violence rains down upon this beaten brow

Tides of mandarin skies calm my mind


Flight of fancy left the field

found another for tonight

All sides flanked

ready to strike me down

I’ve held her ground

Escaped the scathe

forsake these ruthless hounds

and bask into her iridescence


Break the east horizon

the next new day light slicing,

cutting through

Senses are surprising

lightning stricken in her form

Violence rains through


Flight of fury locked in the field

Brute on fire for a fight

All sides flanked

ready to strike me down

I strangle earth to hold ground

Scraped and scathed and baked

forsaken now


What now?


Dusk has settled down without it’s peace

Moon lit shadows toy with sanity

Bonds of courage tie you all to me

No rest for the wicked we became


In the valley of so many fallen sons

Come face me!

Prayers to fallen gods, the devil hears our call

Come take me!


If my hold slips long enough that you

Wrench these restless arms away from me

Keep your guard of this, my final vow:

In my throes, I’ll take you down with me now


As we fight for liberties long forgotten

The surge that ran through blood empties, long forgotten