“Formed from the ashes of our fore-bearers… we come from the dust.”

Each member of Sol Obscura has a deep passion for music. Most people you might meet claim to love music… and that may very well be true. But for us, it is a desire rooted in the artistry of the word. Music is in our blood.

This project is the culmination of years playing in other bands, practicing our craft, appreciating new and unique ways of making sound, and learning to communicate musically with one another. Each of us comes with a background of vast influences… not just rock-based music. Which is evident from track to track, each of which may express a different genre from the next. Whether it’s progressive metal or blues, experimental rock or ambient exploration, we don’t like to limit ourselves to just one sound. And although we share a lot of influences in common, we like to think that our different tastes are what make us a much stronger and more unique machine.

Our hope with our music is not to be the next big thing… but simply to inspire and entertain. Whether we do that with an emotionally transcending soundscape, or with a gut-punching, ear crunching, hit to the senses, we hope you will enjoy it as much as we love writing and performing for all of you.

We are Sol Obscura and this is our art.